What we are learning in Nursery

Week of the 11.12.17


We are having fun in the snow

Week of the 27.11.17

I have opportunities to enjoy taking part in dance experiences.

EXA 0-10a

Week of the 20.11.17

I am identifying and developing my awareness of how money is used and can recognise and use a range of coins.

MNU 0-09a

The nursery children have created a nursery shop.

Week of the 6.11.17

I am aware of events in my world and link with times and seasons.

MNU 0-10a

Aigas Field Centre paid us a visit to teach us all there is to know about hibernation.

I have spotted and explored patterns in my own and the wider environment and can copy and continue these and create my own patterns.

MTH 0-13a

Through everyday experiences and play with a variety of objects, I can recognise simple types of forces.

The nursery children are looking at sinking and floating.

SCN 0-07a


By investigating water, I can relate my findings to everyday experiences.

SCN 0-05a

I explore and discover the interesting features of my local environment to develop an awareness of the world around me.

Soc 0-7a

Our visit to black park


I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others and to reduce the potential for harm when possible.

HWB 0-16a

We hold hands with an adult when we are crossing the road.

The Lollipop lady visited us at Nursery to discuss being safe when crossing the road.


We are discussing and making Nursery rules.

Max- ‘Our golden rules make us safe.’

Keira-Leigh- ‘We walk.’

Nadia- ‘Play carefully so you don’t hurt yourself.’

Maisy- ‘Don’t run just walk.’

Eva- ‘We listen to the teacher and each other.’

Ivy- ‘We sit at circle time and story.’

Oskar- ‘Save running for outside.’

I can use signs and charts around me for information, helping me to plan and make choices and decisions.

MNU 0-20a

We use the timetable to see what we are doing for the day.

I am becoming aware of how cleanliness and hygiene can affect health and wellbeing.

HWB 0-33a