Nursery Handbook 18-19

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter Holiday.


What we are learning in Nursery


We are learning about Easter 

‘People were angry because they wanted to be King.’ – Imogen

‘The angry guys kidnapped him.’ – Maisie F

‘Jesus was the King.’ – Aleena

‘Jesus died.’ – Imogen

‘He was alive.’ – Noah

Mairi is surprised by the stone moving.

Ivy was surprised to see Jesus alive.

‘I am strong enough to move the stone.’ – Olivia

‘Kidnapping him because they want to be King.’ – Max


We are learning that physical activity helps to keep are bodies healthy.


We are exploring money. 


We are learning about how different kinds of foods in our nursery cafe and how it can help keep us be healthy. 


We are celebrating World Book Day with our P6 buddies. 


We are learning about our growing bodies and learning the correct names for the different parts.

Aleena’s Mum came to talk to us about how a doctor helps us look after our body.

What we know about our bodies;

Noah- “When you get super duper duper hurt all the bones come out of you.”

Kate- “Your skin.”

Max- “It doesn’t have hair because its a skeleton.”

Aleena- “Lungs breath in, breath out.”

Mairie- “You have bones.”

Maisie F- “Everybody has a heart, it beeps, it goes in and out.”



We are learning about the Chinese New Year through art, music, dance and food.


We are learning about how a vet looks after animals.  Sarah, the vet, came to visit us and tell us about her job.


We are having fun in the snow.


We are celebrating Robert Burns


We are learning about shapes through games, art and songs.  We are exploring shapes in our Nursery environment. 


We all had fun at our Christmas party with dancing, eating, playing games and meeting Santa.

We delivered the gifts we collected for Mission Christmas Cash for Kids to MFR. We are learning about our community and how we can help others.


We are learning about the Christmas story and this is what we know.

Noah-“The 3 wise men brought presents for the baby.”

Maisie F-“Baby Jesus was cute.”

Maisie M-“The angel came to tell people about the baby.”

Kyle-“The Kings followed a star.”

Mason-“Mary and Joseph.”

Mairi-“They got on a donkey.”

Alfie-“and the baby was in there (manger).”

Kaiden knew about the Angel character and Fern knew about Mary and Joseph.

Kate-“Baby Jesus!”




We had a visit from the Oral Health Educator  DSC08772.JPG

This is what we know about keeping our teeth healthy

Isabella– ‘Brushing cleans away the germs.’         Maisie F– ‘Brush so you don’t get cavities                                                                                                               which are plaque monsters.’

Kyle– ‘We brush so we don’t get germs.’          Connie showed how she brushes her teeth.

Lily– ‘Mummy helps me brush my teeth.’


We are learning about the St Andrew flag




We had a parade




We are finding out and learning about the planets in our solar system




We are learning about space by creating an astronaut and a spaceship






Exploring autumn in our garden.




Halloween Fun 2018







We have been learning about local places we use and visit.




We are enjoying showing our parents/carers/grandparents our learning profiles.





We are learning how to travel safely

HWB 0-18a



We use practical materials and can ‘count on and back’ to help us understand numbers.




We dressed up as our favorite story book character





We are reading the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and exploring the characters and events in the story.

I enjoy exploring events and characters in stories and other texts, sharing my thoughts in different ways.  LIT 0-01c