Primary 6M – Miss S. MacInnes

In Primary 6 we have been learning all about the Victorians. We have been comparing what it was like to go to school in the Victorian era to modern day education. On Wednesday 4th October we had a Victorian day. We all dressed up in Victorian clothes and spent the day using chalk boards and ink wells to complete our work. Mrs McDaid came round to inspect our hands in the afternoon to ensure germs were not brought into our school. The pupils really enjoyed our Victorian day!


Welcome to Primary 6!

Sept 2017 photos 022





Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to a new year. Primary 6 are eager to get going and so are we. There is plenty of hard work ahead of us and lots to look forward to. I have put together some information on aspects of Primary 6 and what is expected of the pupils. Primary 6’s topic this session will be the Victorians.




The expectation in Primary 6 of behaviour is very high. The class will discuss and agree upon classroom rules this week.

In Primary 6 we have Golden Time on a Friday afternoon.

Class Dojos will be up and running and last year’s logins should still work. Class Dojos are away for you to look at the positives that have been happening in the classroom and to have conversations with your child about these and any negatives Dojos awarded. Please contact the school office if you have any concerns regarding your child’s learning.




Homework will normally be given out on a Thursday/Friday and will be due in the following Thursday.

Pupils should


  • complete all homework on time
  • ask their parent/guardian or teacher for help before their homework is due in (Thursday is too late)
  • not get stressed or upset if they do not understand something – ask for help J
  • in exceptional circumstances where homework cannot be completed a signed and dated note from the responsible adult should be handed to the teacher as soon as possible

Check list – each time you complete homework you should check that you can answer YES to all these statements


  • I have done my very best work
  • My work is neat, legible and I have used my best handwriting
  • I have numbered and spaced out my work as required
  • I have read over my work and checked that I have answered all of the questions to the best of my ability
  • I have asked a parent/carer to sign my jotter or homework forecast grid.
  • I am proud of my effort and work



Primary 6 will be given some of these, if not most activities each week;

  • Mental Maths activity
  • Maths activity (this is linked to what we are working on in class)
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Language activities
  • Other Curricular Topic/task


A homework forecast will be given out every 4 weeks. It will clearly display which homework has been set and given out for the week. This is also to help your child plan ahead.

All homework must be signed for by an adult, preferably on their forecast homework grid in each box and handed in on Thursday.



Art and PE

Art will be every other Thursday. Pupils will need to supply an Art shirt. It is advised that they bring one in this week and it is kept in their trays at all times.

P.E will be on a Monday and Tuesday. All pupils will need to bring with them appropriate change of clothing; shorts, t-shirt and trainers.


Dress Code

A reminder the school dress code is as follows;

  • Black/grey/navy trousers/skirt/pinafore
  • Blue school sweatshirt
  • Whit school polo shirt
  • A change of footwear (shoe bag to keep shoes in)


Primary 6 pupils must set the example and are expected to be dressed appropriately at all times.




This year it is the responsibility of Primary 6 to take on the composting duties. Each week four pupils will be asked to do the hot and cold composting at lunch time. The pupils asked on the Monday will carry out the duty for the whole week. It does not take up the whole of their lunch break. It has been worked out for the year on a rota so everyone will fairly take responsibility for this duty. If it is a football day or SUPA Club afternoon the children will arrive slightly late if it is their turn, this will happen only two or three times over the whole session of 2017/18.



Thank you for taking the time to read the information provided. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.



Miss Williams, Miss MacInnes and Mrs Treasure